A beautiful result with a simple procedure. It just bolts right on!

It is intended for the customer who does not wish to make major mechanical alterations to the bike itself, but chiefly desires an improved aesthetics with a modest increase in performance. The Barracuda Bolt-on system is the perfect choice for such customers! In addition to a noticeable change in the exterior appearance of the bike, you get the characteristic lowered sound, lighter weight and improved power and torque curves in comparison to the restrictive stock muffler.

We produce Bolt-on systems for bikes whose stock exhaust is constructed so that the muffler can be replaced simply by undoing the bolts on the front rosette. Although basically simple, The Barracuda Bolt-on system makes use of this advantage; there is no need for special tools, you just attach it to the stock header assembly. There is also no need to modify any exterior parts. Each system is specially developed for each individual model of motorcycle, so the systems are not interchangeable. Also due to the construction of the stock exhausts, they are designed as equivalents to the Slip-on system.

The Bolt-on system was also designed to be cost-effective, in order to deliver a modest increase in performance, superior quality, aesthetic pleasure and an instantly recognizable sound. And it carries the word-famous The Barracuda brand name.

  • Barracuda System with DB  Killer
  • A beautiful result with a simple procedure .
  • Simple mounting, including set up between the Barracuda exhaust system components and the remaining parts of the stock exhaust system.
  • Removal of restrictions on the motor, leading to considerable increases in available power and torque.
  • Precision workmanship using high-tech materials.
  • Choice of carbon-fiber , aluminum or titanium outer sleeve.
  • Characteristic deep penetrating Barracuda sound.
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the entire motorcycle.
  • Excellent compromise between price, quality and performance.
  • Reports on testings.

BAR-RS3-F350black (Video 10,9mb)