Barracuda GP-EVO .

The allnew GP-EVO RAW Power exhaust from Barracuda. Supershort and small design, with removable DB Killer insert , makes this exhaust a real gunner.

The GP-EVO is the newest generation of sport bike exhausts from Barracuda. Using stainless steel construction, with a choice of either a matte black ceramic or polished finish, the GP-EVO slip-on blends performance and style to enhance the best selling performance bikes on the road today.

The GP-EVO line has been carefully engineered to extract additional power, while at the same time improving rideability. With attention not only given to performance, the GP-EVO line is also acoustically engineered to produce a more aggressive yet controlled exhaust note to enhance the pleasure of spirited sport riding, while keeping sound levels at a reasonable level.

The Barracuda Slip-on system is a parallel line to the Bolt-on series and is based on a simple replacement of the stock muffler together with the link pipe. The rest of the stock system remains untouched. The system is developed and fine-tuned for each specific model of motorcycle, and is the last step before a serious tune-up involving the replacement of the entire exhaust system.

The Slip-on system is designed for the individual who wants improved performance without the expense and labor involved of a full system. This system produces a much richer and deeper sound than the quiet restrictive stock exhaust. The Slip-on system will give your bike a completely new look. The muffler is available in aluminum, titanium or carbon-fiber outer sleeve and will accentuate the beauty of the lines of your bike. The logo on the muffler will be a constant affirmation of your discerning taste.

  • Barracuda Slip-on System with DB  Killer
  • A beautiful result with a simple procedure using tensioning springs.
  • Simple mounting, including set up and spring-loading between the Barracuda exhaust system components (muffler and link pipe) and the remaining parts of the stock exhaust system.
  • Removal of restrictions on the motor, leading to considerable increases in available power and torque.
  • Precision workmanship using high-tech materials.
  • Choice of carbon-fiber , aluminum or titanium outer sleeve.
  • Characteristic deep penetrating Barracuda sound.
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the entire motorcycle.
  • Excellent compromise between price, quality and performance.
  • Reports on testing of Slip-on systems.
  • Allure of a world-class name in motorcycling.


GP-EVO Tri-Cone (Video 4mb)

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